psychic awarenessPsychic awareness has been developing for many years in your life whether unconsciously or consciously and is the culmination of everything you are – the past, present and future of our lives – what we can be – for we are all psychic to a lesser or greater degree.  There are no ‘beginners’ in psychic awareness, it rises to the fore at the right time. If you have promptings in your life to say the ‘right thing’ to people – that is psychic awareness and it can lead in some cases to the development of mediumship.

Have you ever had a hunch or a ‘gut’ feeling about something that turned out to be right?

Has the phone ever rung and you immediately knew who the caller was?

Have you ever ‘known’ when something is about to happen?

Have you ever changed your mind at the last moment and found there was a good reason for this?

Then you have been using the awareness of your psychic self.

When we begin to understand this power within ourselves and come to the realisation that each of us has a part to play in this universe then we start to realise this inner light of our own true potential and by opening up our awareness to our intuitive and psychic faculties we can help ourselves and others to lead our lives in the most beneficial way.

As a natural born sensitive and medium, I use all my intuitive and psychic faculties to help you with the development of your own abilities in either one to one sessions or in group sessions.  I also run workshops which allow you to explore, recognise and work with your own psychic abilities using various techniques and exercises with an emphasis on practical work such as psychic sensing, psychometry and divination.

Please contact me for a chat about your own particular needs and I will be happy to discuss how I may be able to help you.