Are you fed up chasing the latest diet plan?

woman stepping on weight scalesIf diets never work for you, if your relationship with food causes you grief then perhaps it’s time to get to the deeper root of the problem in your individual case rather than simply try to deal with the superficial symptoms as popular ‘diets’ do, which is why they seem to fail so regularly.

Perhaps it’s time to re-examine your current relationship with food – to bring balance back into your life and return to the simple healthy concept of food as nourishment not as a reward or a replacement for something lacking in your life.

If you would like to have more control over your snacking or eating patterns, then hypnotherapy may be the right answer for you. It is about retraining the thought processes to approach eating habits in a different matter, using hypnotic suggestion techniques to achieve this.

We can’t live without food, so it’s vital that we learn to live with it.

Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band

If you are overweight with a high BMI reading and you are really committed to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body then the Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band programme may be the way forward for you.

The Hypnotic Gastric Band aims to achieve the same effect as the actual gastric band surgery, without any of the inherent risks attached to an actual operation, by shrinking the size of your stomach using the power of hypnosis and your subconscious mind.

It is about modifying now much you eat and portion control. Eating healthily can come naturally without counting calories or elaborate meal plans. It is a life change – not a diet, not a quick cure but rather a weight management system that you design for your own way of living because you are an individual and everyone is different.

The Hypnotic Virtual Gastric programme comprises a free 30 minute consultation prior to booking four x 90 minute sessions, in which three sessions are focused on modifying your behaviours around food and coping with the psychological impact of being “fitted” with a virtual gastric band and one session in which the virtual gastric band is “fitted”. It is also recommended that you come back for a follow-up session after 3-6 weeks to assess your progress.

If you decide that this is not for you at the time of the consultation, then the standard approach of hypnotherapeutic weight management can still be a good option for you.

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