reiki symbolReiki (Ray-key) means “Universal Life Force Energy” and is a non invasive hands on healing. No specific belief system is required other than a desire for greater well being.  It works on the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental levels and always works for the Highest Good.  It has no contra-indications and goes to where it is needed the most.

Reiki has been around for centuries in one form or another but it was officially recognised by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Buddhist in the 1900s in Japan. He passed his knowledge on and it has since found its way around the world. I am a Reiki 2 Practitioner and am able to trace my lineage back to him through the teachers I have trained with.

People are drawn to Reiki Healing for many reasons, you may be looking for some peace and relaxation, have a specific emotional issue to address, or to compliment your conventional therapy or just curious. Whatever it is, you are very welcome.

What happens in a Session? 

Sessions last about an hour and your treatment will take place either sitting or lying down, fully clothed. I will cover you with a blanket, ask you to close your eyes and then you can just allow yourself to drift off while the healing takes place.

During a healing session, everyone’s reactions vary, some people drift off and fall asleep, others see colours, others feel warmth or a cold sensation, some may experience a dream-like state.  Whatever you feel is absolutely right for you and it may differ every time, depending on where you are energetically.

reiki handsReiki is a powerful, yet gentle healing. It allows the body to access its own healing in its own way.  It helps to ease energetic blocks which can sometimes manifest as chronic conditions or as repeated patterns of behaviour or experiences.

If we can experience flow in our inner selves, in our energetic bodies, then we can start to resonate at a frequency where we are attracting that which is for our Highest Good, whatever that may be.

Reiki can also help to ease the memory of trauma, which energetically can lie in our bodies at a deep cellular level. Reconnecting with our inner self allows us to reconnect with life and all it has to offer and to move forward, face challenges and live a truly authentic existence.