Smoking  – Do you feel it is time to give it up?

plain white figure carrying cigarette on its backIf you genuinely want to give up this habit, then I can help you with this as hypnotherapy has always had a good reputation for helping smokers to give up.  But if, in your heart of hearts, you still don’t really wish to quit and are giving in to pressure from others, then no one and nothing can help you. This decision must come from you.

The reason that giving up can be so incredibly hard to do is that smokers can concentrate too much on beating nicotine addiction with patches, gum and inhalers, when in fact, nicotine is not the main problem. Smoking is a mental addiction and the habitual thought processes involved have to be dealt with and this is why hypnosis can work so well in helping to teach the mind to think differently.

–      How long can you go without a cigarette?  An hour? A couple of hours?

–      Ok, So how many hours do you sleep?

–      So, you can go that long without a smoke, can you?

–      Why?……  Because you don’t  have any ‘light up’ triggers till the morning.

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy – a one-off session of approx 90 minutes to 2 hours duration depending on the individual, with a CD recording for you to take home with you.

From the moment you make the appointment, the therapy starts, so the first thing I ask you to do is to plan a countdown to your ‘end’ day – the day you quit smoking.  This will be the day you see me.  You’ll need to work out which will be your last packet and plan to get through that packet until you smoke your  last and final cigarette  just before your appointment. Savour this cigarette and know that it will be your very last.   This exercise will help to condition the mental thought processes and strengthen your commitment prior to the therapy session.

When we meet, I will ask you quite a few questions in order to establish the type of smoker you are.  This will help me to tailor the session to your own particular needs.  We will then have a practice with hypnosis so that you can experience it and realise how relaxing, enjoyable and easy it is.  Then we use various hypnotherapeutic techniques to deal with the mental thought processes associated with your smoking habit.