hands reaching for each other with space backgroundSpiritual Regression also known as Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy approaches therapy from the spiritual dimension of the person, using regression techniques to explore inter-life experiences and help you become more aware of your own spirituality.   It can help you discover your own soul memories, your soul companions and guides and your purpose in this lifetime and help you heighten your awareness and perception to those age-old questions of ‘Who am I?’, ‘Why and I here? and ‘Where do I come from?’

Spiritual Regression Therapy is similar to Past Life Regression but the main focus in Spiritual Regression is the re-experiencing of the soul-state of life between lives.  In the process of gaining entry to recall of a soul-state experience, the client is regressed to a past life.  Then the client is progressed in time through the death experience of the previous life and into the spirit realm of life between lives.

Spiritual Regression comprises of two sessions, the first one includes a past life regression and lasts approx two hours which will determine your receptivity to the concept of a spiritual regression and prepares you for the next stage which is the longer second session of spiritual regression lasting up to four hours.

How to Prepare for Spiritual Regression? 

It is best to come to the session fresh and well rested and with no heavy food in your system. Have a light breakfast and bring some fruit and a snack for after the session.  Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes.  Coffee, alcohol or use of drugs are not recommended as they significantly interfere with brain chemistry and alter bodily functions.

planets and galaxyYou may wish to write a list of 8 to 10 people who are or were somehow important in your life. For each one, write down their main characteristics in about 3 words. We will talk about these at the beginning of the spiritual regression session. You may wish to write down the questions you would like to ask as when you are in a trance state, it can be very difficult to think up a question and listen for the answer, due to how our brain is wired. Your list helps us to work together to get you your insights.

I will be recording your session so you can listen to it in the future. If you wish to bring your own recording device then you are most welcome.

Spiritual Regression can help you gain answers to the mysteries of your current life by exploring your spiritual existence. It can help you :-

–      Gain knowledge of your true soul nature

–      Obtain soul directed guidance

–      Expand your sense of purpose and meaning in life

–      Gain greater clarity in facing life challenges

–      Become more aware of your special gifts

–      Recognise the unique contributions that are yours to make in this life

–      Harmony of energy between the soul-mind and the human body

–      Release stored negative energy

–      Come to the understanding that there is no death

–      Gain greater insight into the true self

–      Come to know your spirit guides

I use my expertise as a Past Life Therapist and my intuitive qualities as a clairvoyant and trance medium to guide you on a spiritual journey of discovery to explore the soul-state of inter-life experiences.