How many sessions will I need?

question markFor some people one Past Life Regression session is enough to resolve the issue they have come with or for them to gain the insight they need in their current life, particularly if they have decided to come for a session out of curiosity and not for any therapeutic purpose. However as each person’s experience is unique and personal to them, another person may need further sessions particularly where more than one issue or more complex issues are present. People may choose to have some time between sessions in order to more deeply process what they have experienced and learnt and then with that insight return to further explore issues through other past lives.

What if I am just curious?

Sometimes you may just be curious to know about a past life or two. Or even just to see what the experience of visiting a past life is like. There are many people who feel this way. Even if that is your only motivation you may receive an unexpected bonus of more understanding of or enrichment in your life.

How do I know if the memories I am experiencing are not from my imagination?

This is a common question asked even by the person after undergoing a regression. Sometimes the person undergoing the regression is still aware on some level of being in the room and speaking as well as experiencing the past life. It doesn’t really matter if you can distinguish what is a true memory or what is a symbol or imagination or even a metaphor or maybe a mixture of some of them. If it helps you then that is what is important. So just allow yourself to relax, suspend your disbelief and just allow yourself to experience what you are experiencing and in that way allow your subconscious mind or wise inner self to come through. Leave the analysis until afterward. Don’t allow your rational mind to start judging or you may block the memories and waste the opportunity you have chosen to take. One way of validating the experience is real is through the intensity of feeling you experience during the memories. Another clear indication is when the symptoms are relieved.

What if I can’t visualise or see what is happening?

We all experience a past life regression differently depending on which of our senses are sharper. Some of us are more visual and see things clearly, some people have a stronger sense of hearing , we may feel things very strongly or just ‘know’ that something is happening and the experience will be no less vivid. There is no right way to experience the past life only your way.

Do you need to achieve a deep level of hypnosis to experience past life regression?

Even people with a moderate response to hypnosis can benefit greatly.

What is the likelihood that I have been someone famous?

It is rare for someone to find they were famous in a past life. When you think of the number of famous people over the ages who lived among the many millions more who were not famous the chances are slim. Most of us have lived ordinary lives and have learned the lessons we have chosen through personal experiences. These are important lessons about love, and relationships and choices. And these are the focus of our exploration into our Past Lives.

What is the relationship between dreams and past life memories?

Often our dreams contain fragments of past life memories. The information that we receive through past life regression contains metaphors and symbols and these can trigger dream experiences. We may sometimes have recurring dreams of being in a certain time or place which may hold clues to our past lives.

Does Past Life Regression help all problems in this life?

Not all problems have their roots in a past life. Sometimes we can learn about ourselves and how to live better in the present without discovering a Past Life and the subconscious mind, in its wisdom, can direct us to whatever we need to address in this life.

Can everyone experience a Past life Regression?

Most people will very easily go into a past life, but there are a few people who block themselves. This can be due to fear, strong religious beliefs, or sometimes medication. The likelihood seems higher for a person who keenly desires to or chooses to experience a regression to a past life. For those who have difficulty it may be that the issues they wish to resolve are better addressed in the current life. The subconscious mind can often be wise about what is best for us.