If your hectic lifestyle has got you down,  Light of Libra relaxation techniques can bring you back into balance.  

stones and purple flowerAnd though experts say that some stress is good for you — it can sharpen your senses and your mind — too much stress is bad for your mental and physical health. At the same time, relaxation can do wonders to restore balance in your life — and may even reduce some of the health risks associated with stress.

Stress is what you feel when you have to handle more than you are used to. When you are stressed, your body responds as though you are in danger.  It makes hormones that speed up your heart, makes you breathe faster and gives you a burst of energy. This is called the ‘fight or flight’ response.

Some stress is normal and even useful. Stress can help if you need to work hard or react quickly. For example, it can help you win a race or finish an important job on time.

But if stress happens too often or lasts too long, it can have bad effects. It can be linked to headaches, an upset stomach,  back pain, and trouble sleeping. It can weaken your immune system, making it harder to fight off disease. If you already have a health problem, stress may make it worse. It can make you moody, tense, or depressed. Your relationships may suffer, and you may not do well at work or college. 

grey stones and purple flower

What can you do about stress?

The good news is that you can learn ways to manage stress. To get stress under control:

  • Find out what is causing stress in your life.
  • Look for ways to reduce the amount of stress in your life.
  • Learn healthy ways to relieve stress or reduce its harmful effects.

How can you avoid stress?

Stress is a fact of life for most people. You may not be able to get rid of stress, but you can look for ways to lower it.

You might try some of these ideas:

Learn better ways to manage your time. You may get more done with less stress if you make a schedule. Think about which things are most important, and do those first.

  • Find better ways to cope. Look at how you have been dealing with stress. Be honest about what works and what does not. Think about other things that might work better.
  • Take good care of yourself. Get plenty of rest. Eat well. Don’t smoke. Limit how much alcohol you drink.
  • Try out new ways of thinking. When you find yourself starting to worry, try to stop the thoughts. Work on letting go of things you cannot change. Learn to say “no.”
  • Speak up. Not being able to talk about your needs and concerns creates stress and can make negative feelings worse. Assertive communication can help you express how you feel in a thoughtful, tactful way.
  • Ask for help. People who have a strong network of family and friends manage stress better.

lavendar, candleHypnotherapy can help enormously with relaxation. Hypnotherapy helps in three ways; completely turning off the fight or flight response, changing your reactions to stressful events and helping you to regularly relax and build up your relaxation response.

When you enter the state of hypnosis you completely relax. Until you experience hypnosis for yourself, it is quite hard to describe just how relaxing it feels. Your body and mind completely relaxes, the free floating anxiety is removed and it leaves you feeling very light and refreshed. Just this alone is extremely beneficial for your body.

The reason why we get stressed is because of our reaction to certain events. In hypnosis you can analyse why you react in a certain way and then set about changing your behaviour. If the meaning of the event changes then it produces much less stress.

The final way in which hypnosis helps is by helping you to relax on a regular basis. This is achieved by teaching you self hypnosis so you can enter into a very relaxed state in the privacy of your own home.

Just some benefits for using hypnosis for relaxation are;

  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • enhanced immunity
  • increased concentration
  • better problem-solving abilities
  • greater efficiency
  • More stable moods (less anger, crying, anxiety, frustration)
  • less headaches and pain

Let the Light of Libra Relaxation and De-Stress Programme help you to feel more in control of your life.